Thursday, May 14, 2015

Boob Talk.

For most breastfeeding Mothers, a constant worry is your supply. Am I making enough?, am I making good milk? is my baby latched on properly?.

This goes on every time you feed. You're worried, you want to do the best thing you can for your baby. You want your baby to have the best milk  he/she can.

You research everything, ask other Mothers, invest in a very expensive breast pump that you are having a hard time using. Yet nothing seems to be helping your supply, and the very last thing you want it to go to the store and buy formula.

Well Consider Mrs. Patel your very own Fairy Godmother. She is going to boost your supply like no other could.

And It's going to taste delicious.

Here's What I did. I scrolled my happy self on over to and ordered myself a nursing package. I chose the Chocolate Fenugreek Bars, and Chai Spice Milk Tea. Placed my order on a Tuesday and received it that very Thursday!

Here what it looked like when I opened the package,

I couldn't wait to try it, I immediately opened the tea, a brewed myself a nice hot cup to enjoy while I let the fenugreek bars chill in the fridge.  I waited for about an hour then I put Baby G on my breast, and it was like magic. He sat there happy as could be just suckling away, occasionally coming off to finish swallowing. I couldn't believe it! Normally he take a while to feed because my milk supply was lower. It took thirty minutes on both sides, and Baby G was happily milk drunk.                                          

The next Morning I made myself some breakfast and grabbed a Fenuegreek Bar, As a Choco-holic, I was very much excited, it was like having dessert with breakfast! Who wouldn't love that?                   

One Magic Little Bar was all I needed, It was delicious, a phenomenal blend of Indian spices and the all powerful Fenugreek. Within an hour of eating it, I had fed Baby G again, and had to pump because my breast were so full! I pumped out 3 ounces on each side! Which was amazing seeing as I literally fed Baby G into a milk coma.                                                                                                    

I will most DEFINITELY be ordering again! And for those of you who want to try these amazing little miracle workers, use the code "FIRSTORDER" for 20% off your order! You will be so happy with the result, and so will your little one!                                                                                             

To learn More or order Please go to Mrs Patel's Website.


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